APEX HR - Training And Assessment Experts You Can Trust

Established since 2002, registered training organisation Apex HR TOID number 21239 has strived to bring clients some of the best nationally recognised short courses and qualifications available which can easily kick-start any career change. Giving clients the opportunity to expand their skills, Apex HR is proud to provide innovative, interesting and flexible training and assessment solutions that really do cater for everyone’s personal needs.

Our Team

Our team is made up of highly experienced staff members who are committed, passionate, and really care about their work and their clients. The Apex HR team is dedicated to continued learning and strive to inspire people to live their dreams and achieve their goals through our training pathways. Our team will work with you every step of the way and help make the unachievable, achievable!

We Work With Employers

Apex HR understands the importance of proper employee training, education and development for any businesses. That is why we offer training programs which are configured around your organisation to ensure all training is relevant to your business.

Our management courses, hospitality courses, manufacturing courses, and training and assessment courses can help to boost loyalty, knowledge, productivity, and contribution of employees for increased profit and investment return at a later date. We will listen and work with you to create the most beneficial learning tools available that best suits your way of working, learning style, values, culture and needs.

We will also work with you to meet your safety management needs through customised training solutions. We do this by providing adequate information and training to ensure staff are adequately equipped so that they can easily identify, assess and manage risk in the workplace.

Affordable Training Made Easy

Cost effective in every way, all our management courses, hospitality courses, manufacturing courses and training and assessment courses use the latest innovative methods of teaching and learning available at an affordable price. Age is no barrier! Whether you’re a student, business or an individual looking to get ahead in life, Apex HR will get you there. For more information on any of our training or management courses, contact us today to speak to one of our friendly team members!


At Apex HR our focus is always for our training to help you achieve improved business outcomes. We genuinely care about our customers and about outcomes. We will work in partnership with you by taking the time to firstly understand your business and then to customise a complete training solution based on the specific needs of your business and staff.

Our expertise and experience will ensure your staff develop the necessary knowledge and skills to progress and excel, helping your business to improve and succeed. Apex HR provides industry best value-combining a personalised style and approach with outstanding delivery of training designed to serve the needs and goals of your business.