Performance management

Performance Management is making sure the employee and the organisation are focused on the same priorities. It touches on the organisation itself by improving production and reducing waste. It helps the employee or individual set and meet their goals and improves the employee - manager relationship. This course takes participants through the role of the manager in the implementation and success of performance management systems and processes.  

Who will benefit from this course:

This program would suit managers and team leaders seeking an introductory course on performance management.

Learning outcomes:

  • Define performance management
  • Understand how performance management works and the tools to make it work
  • Understand the three phases of performance management and how to assess it
  • Discuss effective goal-setting
  • How to give feedback on performance management
  • Recognise the importance of motivation
  • Develop a performance journal and performance plan

Course duration:

This course can be completed in 4 hours

Delivery mode:

  • Public Course
  • Onsite workplace training may be available on request

Course content:

  • How performance management works
  • Assessing an employees current state of performance
  • Steps in conducting performance reviews
  • The role of goal setting when measuring performance
  • Processes for undertaking employee assessments (including competency assessments and obtaining feedback)
  • Motivating employees during the performance process
  • Preparing a performance plan

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