Delivering constructive criticism

Delivering Constructive Criticism is one of the most challenging things for anyone. Through this course participants will gain valuable knowledge and skills that will assist them with this challenging task. When an employee commits an action that requires feedback or criticism it needs to be handled in a very specific way. This course focuses on how to prepare, plan and deliver constructive criticism whilst building on skills through reflection and practice.

Who will benefit from this course:

This program would suit managers and team leaders seeking assistance on conducting effective feedback or difficult conversations.

Learning outcomes:

  • • Understand when feedback should take place
  • • Learn how to prepare and plan to deliver constructive criticism
  • • Determine the appropriate atmosphere in which it should take place
  • • Identify the proper steps to be taken during the session
  • • Know how emotions and certain actions can negatively impact the effects of the session
  • • Recognise the importance of setting goals and the method used to set them
  • • Uncover the best techniques for following up with the employee after the session

Course duration:

This course is open to the public

Delivery mode:

Course content:


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