Preparing for a VCAT Hearing

VCAT - a place property managers can sometimes end up but ultimately the place we want to aviod at all cost. While avoiding VCAT is an ideal situation, sometimes things can go wrong. This course is designed to help the property manager prepare and appear in a VCAT hearing. 

Who will benefit from this course:

Residential property managers.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding VCAT procedures
  • Develop evidence gathering skills
  • Develop negotiation skills to achieve outcomes
  • Reducing the agency's risk to liability

Course duration:

This course is delivered over 4 hours

Delivery mode:

  • Public Course
  • Onsite workplace training may be available on request

Course content:

  • Process for applying to VCAT
  • When representation may be required
  • Particulars of a complaint
  • Collating and preparing evidence (including expert evidence)
  • Identifying witnesses
  • Negotiating prior to a hearing
  • Presenting on the day
  • VCAT procedures

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