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Start your mystery shopping before its too late

How do you know your agents are saying the right thing?

Mystery shopping provides a snapshot of your brand in action. Mystery shopping can measure the quality of service or compliance with regulatory requirements, by gathering specific information regarding your services, based on internal key performance indicators and standards across your sales and/or property management departments.

Apex HR provides a suite of services that bring an end-to-end view of your operations.

Why mystery shop?

  • One of the best ways of really finding out what happens in your own business.
  • It is an objective way of measuring your service – against competitors and industry benchmarks.
  • Assists with performance management or staff reward.
  • It can identify any service gaps that will help improve the level of service.

What do you get?

Apex HR will work closely with you to develop an effective program that accurately captures your customer experience, links to your internal policies and procedures and provides a basis for rating and benchmarking your employees and office performance overall. Our experts will also prepare an in-depth and comprehensive report highlighting the agreed service standards and make any recommendations for identified improvement strategies to improve or safeguard your income or reputation.

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