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Here at Apex HR we're proud to offer you a combination of nationally recognised qualifications which can enhance your skills or change your career goals. Our range of management courses, hospitality courses real estate and quality auditing are for students, individuals and businesses alike, and provide you with powerful training tools and solutions which are suitable for all careers.

Qualifications - Auditing
Diploma Of Quality

Complete the BSB51615 Diploma of Quality Auditing, Self Paced and nationally accredited delivered 100% online.

BSBSS00090 Quality Auditing
Skill Set

This qualification is designed for anyone who wants to build a career in auditing. You will gain the skills to understand the entire audit process report on feedback and facilitate continuous improvement. This course will give you the experience and assistance to take your audit skills to the highest level.

estate agent’s licensing
Agents Representative

Are you ready to start your career in real estate? If you’re ready to launch your career in real estate, but don’t know where to start, Apex HR’s Agent’s Representative Course is for you. It’s been especially designed to help you supercharge your career and it’s delivered by passionate and experienced real estate and compliance professionals.

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