Our Story

About Apex HR

Apex HR is a premier training provider committed to empowering individuals through our cutting-edge online courses.

Our tailored program ensures new entrants are equipped with the skills needed to thrive in Victoria’s job market, particularly within the real estate sector.

Get ready to represent agencies with confidence and excellence, thanks to our top-notch training solutions. Elevate your career prospects and secure a competitive edge in Victoria, Australia, with Apex HR industry-focused online courses.

The Story of Apex HR


Since its establishment in 2002, Apex HR has been dedicated to providing nationally accredited qualifications and comprehensive support to estate agencies. 

Our services encompass internal audits, HR solutions, and compliance services. Over the years, we have solidified our position as the foremost industry experts in the realm of real estate in Victoria.

The Apex HR Difference

We believe that the journey towards a successful career in real estate starts from the training of an individual, through to working and developing several competencies of running a commercial or residential real estate business. Our purpose is to empower people to build successful careers and businesses.