How can Apex HR help you?

Whether you are looking for a different and more fulfilling occupation, or simply chasing a promotion or improved business outcomes, we can help you get there.

Our professionally run courses will not only rekindle your passion to learn but also your passion for success.

In fact, most of our participants tell us that they feel energised and empowered by what they learn.

They also tell us that making the decision to study with us improved their personal and professional lives as well.

Real Estate Courses


Our team is made up of experienced industry professionals who are passionate about helping you succeed.

Consider the benefits: 

  • Industry-specific training designed to help you advance quickly
  •  Practical, hands-on skills
  • Inspirational instructors with industry experience
  • Clear training pathways
  • Support to help you achieve your goals, faster
  • Backing from an established and trusted training organisation.

How we can assist your business


Here at Apex HR, We offer a broad range of training, advice, governance and compliance services that are specially designed to keep established real estate businesses on track for success.

Our services can help you to:

  • Acquire an accredited real estate qualification
  • Grow and develop your business
  • Stay on top of regulator scrutiny
  • Understand governance and compliance issues.
  • Conduct internal audits

Compliance Services

Let's work together to build it better and more streamline

HR Advice

HR and Compliance support for residential and commercial real estate businesses

Internal Audits

Let Us Be The Eyes And Ears Of Your Organisation

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