In welcome news today, the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced an easing of restrictions from 11.59pm Tuesday 27 July 2021.

Under the eased restrictions the 5km travel rule has been removed.  Real estate offices can reopen, however, restricted to 25% of the employees or 10 people if the total workplace is under 40.

Auctions are permitted with a cap of 100 attendees, indoors or outdoors, and subject to the density quotient of 1 person per 4sqm rule.

Open for Inspections are permitted and are to be scheduled by Private Appointment only with a maximum of 10 people attending (and subject to the density quotient of 1 person per 4sqm rule).

COVID Check-in Marshal are required at inspections and auctions to ensure attendees check in.

Face coverings must be worn indoors and outdoors.

All workplaces are encouraged to update their COVID Safe plans, where required, to align with the revised restrictions and to ensure that QR codes are used at all times at auction, inspections and for any workplace visitors.

Frequently asked questions  FAQ’s


What is COVID Check-in Marshal?

An employee responsible for ensuring each person attending an inspection or auction check in using the Service Victoria QR Code (or alternative record keeping method, where relevant).

Can a COVID Check-in Marshal compel some to check-in?

No. The COVID Check-in Marshal can only request a person to show them confirmation of successful check-in. If the person refuses to show evidence the COVID Check-in Marshal can request the person not to enter the property.  For OHS reasons, the COVID Check-in Marshal is encouraged not to enforce the refusal.

Can a COVID Check-in Marshal also assist the agent during the inspection / auction?

COVID  Check-in Marshals must be situated at the entry of each property to ensure the people check-in. If the agent requires the COVID Check-In Marshal to assist in additional tasks in the property which will not allow the COVID Check-In Marshal to fulfil the requirements of the COVID Check-In Marshal role, then they can not be assigned additional tasks.

Is there training required for COVID Check-in Marshals?

There is no required training for COVID Check-in Marshals however employers are recommended to provide guidance to COVID Check-in Marshals to understand their role and what they are required to do.

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