Colouring competitions are not only fun but also foster creativity and community engagement. If you’re considering hosting one in Victoria there are several key factors to consider ensuring its success.

Rules and Guidelines
Clearly outline the rules of the competition, including eligibility criteria (age groups, residency requirements, etc.), submission guidelines (format, size, medium), and deadlines. Specify any restrictions or requirements regarding colouring materials to ensure fairness and uniformity.

Promotion and Outreach
Utilise various channels to promote your competition, including social media, local newspapers, community notice boards, schools, and online forums.
Create eye-catching posters and digital graphics to attract participants’ attention and generate interest.

Prizes and Recognition
Offer attractive prizes that appeal to your target audience, such as art supplies, gift vouchers, or experiences related to the theme. Consider recognising multiple winners across different age categories to encourage participation from a diverse range of participants. Go the next step and showcase winning entries in your office, online galleries, or local media coverage to acknowledge participants’ efforts and inspire others.

Judging Process
Establish transparent judging criteria based on creativity, originality, adherence to the theme, and overall artistic merit. Consider assembling a panel of impartial judges with expertise in art or relevant fields to evaluate the entries objectively.

Entry Fee
An entry fee can’t be charged for entry.

Written Consent
Written consent must be obtained from the person whose trade or business is to be promoted by the competition.

Winner Publication
The names of winners of all prizes over $1,000 must be published by one of the following methods:

  • in a newspaper circulating generally in Victoria;
  • on the internet, for a minimum period of 28 days; or
  • if the competition was advertised solely through a trade journal, promotional magazine or similar publication, in that publication.

Cost to Accept Prize
The winner of a prize must not incur a cost to accept a prize.

Entrant Presence at Draw
You cannot require an entrant to be present at the judging of the competition to be eligible to win a prize (unless the entry and draw are to occur on the same day and in the same place).

Prize Delivery
The prize must be paid or transferred to the winner within 28 days after the draw.

A redraw is not mandatory in Victoria. The Promoter must take “reasonable efforts” to award the prize. Otherwise, the prize may be disposed of in accordance with any provisions in the Terms & Conditions prepared by the promoter (e.g. to another randomly drawn entry).

Prize substitution
A prize may only be substituted if the substituted prize is of the same or greater value than the original prize and the winner either agrees in writing, or the original prize is unavailable due to circumstances beyond the control of the person conducting the competition and reasonable attempts are made to reach an agreement with the winner that are unsuccessful.

Prizes awarded
The promotion must not be offensive or against public interest, and therefore prizes that could be seen as such may be prohibited. Examples of prohibited prizes include: tobacco, weapons, surgery, etc.

Record-Keeping Requirements
Certain records must be kept for three years after the finalisation of the competition which provides an:

  • accurate financial accounting of the competition
  • accurate accounting for all entries
  • accurate report of the distribution of prizes.

Privacy Disclosure

Where relevant, Full disclosure that entrants are to be placed in the agency’s database and link to the Privacy Collection Statement.

By following these guidelines and putting careful thought into the planning and execution of your colouring competition, you can create a memorable and impactful event that brings joy to participants and strengthens community bonds.

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