Is a career in Real Estate right for me?


Are you wondering if a career in real estate is right for you? If you’re a great communicator who likes to work in a fast-paced, and exciting industry, then the chances are, you’ll love it. To get you thinking about whether real estate is a good career option for you, we’ve put together a short blog on the topic.

Which personality traits suit a career in real estate?


  • Real Estate agents need to be excellent communicators. They need to convey information in a clear and simple way, so that the meaning is understood and goals are achieved. Real Estate agents are engaging speakers and are capable of establishing credibility in order to present themselves and their properties to the highest possible standard.


  • Real Estate agents are skilled in building relationships and enjoy networking with a diverse range of people. They are committed to customer service and have the ability to create real connections with the people they work for. They are able to inspire, with an optimistic, confident personality that builds trust.


  • Time management is essential for a career in Real Estate. Throughout the buying, selling and renting processes, Real Estate agents engage in a variety of different tasks, which must be prioritised for completion with the utmost efficiency.


  • Real Estate agents have a passion for helping others achieve their home ownership goals. They are caring and interested in others. The best real estate agents are focused on their clients, identifying their needs and wants to assist them in working towards the best possible outcomes.



Which career path would suit your Real Estate career?


  • The Sales Agent is often the first role that people consider when thinking about a career in Real Estate. Sales Agents must know how to negotiate with owners and buyers. They learn how to appraise, market and sell properties, arrange and manage inspections. They also find buyers, obtain listings of properties for sale and negotiate sales.


  • Property Management is a rewarding and flexible role within the Real Estate sector. A Property Manager is the person who oversees leases and manages industrial, residential, retail or commercial real estate properties. They will negotiate leases, find tenants, represent the property owner, market the property, collect rent and arrange repairs.


  • A career in real estate can also provide the opportunity to work in a corporate environment, in customer service, administration or marketing. The support team is often the first point of contact for clients, and they are responsible for the smooth running of the agency. They have skills in word processing, database management, preparing documents and correspondence, accounting and advertising.


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What are rewards of a career in real estate?


  • Real estate is a dynamic industry, as selling and buying property is an exciting time for those involved. A real estate career is diverse, moving between office work, meetings with clients and consistently changing property locations.


  • A career in real estate is fast-paced – not for the faint hearted. Real Estate agents must be self-motivated, energetic and able to think on their feet to deliver results promptly and efficiently.


  • Real estate suits people who like to be challenged in their daily lives. Real Estate agents are dedicated to customer service and hard work, and view competition as part of a rewarding career. There is great satisfaction in helping clients find their dream home or sell their property to provide for a better future.


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