Snapshot of Changes to Residential Tenancy Laws – Part 2


Statement of Information

With less than month to go until the changes in residential tenancy laws this is the next instalment of our snapshot to the upcoming changes.

Statement of Information

From 29 March 2021, all prospective renters must be provided with a copy of the prescribed “Statement of Information for Rental Applicants” form with their rental application form which is accessible from the Consumer Affairs Victoria website or by logging into the Agent’s Help Desk.

The Statement of Information provides every rental applicant with information that educates rental applicants about unlawful discrimination in property management transactions.

The “Statement of Information for Rental Applicants” must be provided to all rental applicants prior to then completing the rental application.

Real estate offices that use electronic rental applications, it is recommended that they are updated to ensure that the “Statement of Information for Rental Applicants” appears first in the online application process.


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